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This Policy applies to Clients, Recruitment Agencies and Candidates of LMS Recruitment Systems Ltd.

LMS Recruitment Systems Ltd are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of personal data held on the LMS System.

This Policy confirms who we are, why and how we collect personal data. Where it comes from and what we do with it.

Definitions used in this Policy

  • The System: LMS Recruitment System hosted online at
  • Client: Offering positions and booking candidates through the LMS Recruitment System.
  • Recruitment Agency: Companies and their staff who have an arrangement with the Client for the purpose of providing recruitment to candidates through LMS.
  • We/Us: LMS Recruitment Systems Ltd

About Us

LMS Recruitment Systems Ltd provide an online platform for managing candidates and job vacancies. LMS is used by our Clients and associated Recruitment Agencies for the purpose of placing candidates into available positions. LMS manages job advertisement, searching, booking, timesheets, compliance and payroll.

What Information do we Collect and Why

LMS is used by our clients for the purpose of gathering and storing candidate data to enable the matching of job vacancies, based on grade and specialty. Personal Data will be gathered from a variety of sources, such as our Clients, Recruitment Agencies and Candidates. Information gathering is managed through each Client with reference to LMS Recruitment Systems as a Third Party Supplier.

Clients have different contracts with us, dictating personal data gathered and stored on the system.

Personal Data includes Special Category data. This information can include, Financial, Social (DBS Checks, Salary Details, Work History), Internal (Passwords and other authentication data) and External Data (Health information, age, gender, nationality) – this is not a complete list, for further information please contact your Recruitment Agency who will be able to confirm.

Information We Obtain Directly

The System collects certain data directly. This information includes Location, Browser Information, IP Addresses, User Names and Passwords. Information gathered through the logging of a Support Query which may include telephone conversations or emails will also be stored. The above information is gathered for security and resolving issues the candidate may have with the system.

Personal Data Access, Storage and Security

LMS Recruitment is an ISO27001 certified organisation. We use SSL to ensure our data is encrypted in transit. Passwords are stored in a one-way encrypted hash. We also use the latest firewalls and network security technology to prevent unauthorised access.

The LMS system is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Personal data is therefore stored on these systems. To access the Microsoft Privacy Policy please visit their website:

How We use Your Information

Personal Data will be held on the system in accordance with this policy and the Privacy Agreement with a recruitment agency or a client. LMS will use personal data for the sole purposes of providing the LMS service.

Automated Decision-Making

The System performs automated profiling to match candidates to jobs. This process is based on information provided by candidates, recruitment agencies and clients. This may include work history, grade and specialty, qualifications, locality, availability and other criteria specifically relating to the job matching process. Booking of a candidate involves manual intervention.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

We may pass information to third party service providers in order to provide the service. We disclose only the personal information that is necessary and have a contract in place to ensure personal information is secure and not used for direct marketing purposes.

Email Delivery

We use two companies called Mailjet and Mailgun for the purposes of email delivery. Both Mailjet and Mailgun are ISO 27001 certified companies based in the EU and are fully compliant with GDPR. As a result, personal data will not be transferred outside of the EU. A copy of Mailjet and Mailgun’s Privacy Policies can be located on their websites.

Privacy Policy Review

We review our Privacy Policy regularly. The latest copy is available our website at:

Our Contact Details

For queries relating to the Privacy Policy or any other Data Protection issues please forward your queries through to our Data Protection Officer using the contact us link on our website at:

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