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A bespoke recruitment platform to meet your requirements

LMS is a modular system which means you can pick and choose the functionality you wish to implement at your organisation in order to work alongside your current processes and help meet your recruitment targets.

The system can be set up to operate an internal Bank management solution in the first instance, online timesheets and invoicing.

LMS can also be integrated with other software platforms – for example, in the NHS the system works in conjunction with direct engagement models such as those offered by Brookson and STAFFflow. The choice is yours


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All jobs forwarded via LMS to preferred suppliers.

All doctors forwarded via LMS directly to the Trust.

The system is made up of different portals – a client portal which interacts with the individual agency portals and candidate portals to log timesheets and arrival on-site timesheets.

Temporary staffing vacancies are inputted directly on to your own client portal in LMS and are automatically cascaded to your preferred suppliers. As nearly all agency communication is carried out within LMS, the number of calls and paperwork associated with temporary staffing management is dramatically reduced.

Benefits of using LMS

Easy to use system

Quick to learn

No technical knowledge required

Use on any modern device

Designed specifically for the recruitment of temporary staff

Designed to be simple and intuitive

Adaptable to your needs

Reduction in staff time on agency worker Management

Rapidly add jobs

Eliminates majority of agency phone calls

Many automated time-saving processes

Automatic job cascading

Jobs updated automatically – clear visibility of job status throughout

Range of access and authorisation levels

Adaptable to your needs

Quality and compliance ensured

LMS blocks non-compliant candidates

Data audit trail

All activity is recorded by user and date stamped

Real time visibility on status of all vacancies

All activity is recorded by user and date stamped

Trust Bank Doctors can be utilised through LMS

For a wider range of candidates

Visibility of spend to drive down expenditure on locums

Control of budgets with predictive overspend alerts

Online authorisation of timesheets

With breaks automatically deducted

Integration with 3rd party software providers

i.e. Direct engagement models such as Brookson

Real time reporting at all levels

MI/Historic savings data/Accruals

Directorate/Cost centre

Bespoke reports created in line with Trust’s KPIs

Live reporting via our dashboard tool

Our expert team will also create bespoke reports for you

Full training and support

Speak to our support staff during normal office hours

24/7 out-of-hours emergency support available

Useable on mobile devices

LMS works on any modern phone, tablet or desktop browser

Continual integration with our app, for more seamless experience

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